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Mystic Monk Coffee Essay

1. Has Father Daniel Mary built up a future heading for the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming? What is his vision for the religious community? What is his vision for Mystic Monk Coffee? What is the strategic the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming? Father Daniel Mary Has Established a future course for the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming. His vision for the religious community is to change their little fellowship of 13 living in a little home utilized as a temporary parsonage into a 500-section of land cloister. His vision to get the Irma Lake Ranch for them to give housing to 30 priests, have a retreat community for lay guests, assemble a Gothic church, have a religious circle for Carmelite Nuns, and an isolation. Father Daniel Mary’s vision for Mystic Monk Coffee is to limit the impact of isolated devout limitations and for it to be a more grounded wellspring of pay for the priests to obtain the Irma Lake Ranch. The Mission of the Carmelite priests of Wyoming is to have the option to expand the quantity of priests to 30 who will experience their lives in the religious community who comprehends the truth of the pledges of submission, modesty, and neediness and the penances related with carrying on with a sequestered strict l ife. 2. Does it create the impression that Father Daniel Mary has set distinct goals and execution focuses for accomplishing his vision? Father Daniel Mary has not set distinct goals and execution focuses to accomplish his vision. He and the priests have just made advances broadening the range of Mystic Monk Coffee however it isn't sufficient to help the vision of obtaining Irma Lake Ranch. They need to build up explicit projects to truly extend the compass of Mystic Monk Coffee to have more purchasers, in this manner expanding benefit. Through this, they become all the more closer in accomplishing their vision of changing their current home to the â€Å"New Mount Carmel†. 3. What is Father Prior’s system for accomplishing his vision? What upper hand may Mystic Monk Coffee’s procedure produce? In accomplishing his vision, Father Prior look for the assistance of Carmelite Supporters in meaning to fabricate a network for God. In doing as such, his upper hand is having his Catholic supporters his objective market careful expression of the mouth and through their site. With its intrigue to its supporters in utilizing â€Å"use their Catholic espresso dollar for Christ and his catholic church†, it urges their supporter to help the reason as well as make them consider it to be a method of providing for Christ. 4. Is Mystic Monk Coffee’s system a cash creator? What is MMC’s plan of action? What is your appraisal of Mystic Monk Coffee’s client incentive? its benefit recipe? its assets that empower it to make and convey an incentive to clients? Spiritualist Monk’s Coffee procedure is a cash creator. With the given diagram of the espresso business in excess of 150 million individuals devour espresso in the United States alone. Since 89% like to mix their espressos than buy prepared to-drink espresso. With a 11% net benefit rate the espresso business will clearly increment after some time. Spiritualist Monk Coffee plan of action is to expand their creation by buying a bigger roaster for their developing interest and offering discount espresso to nearby holy places and bistros. Spiritualist Monks Coffee has great items that empower them to have a fruitful client incentive. Offering excellent reasonable exchange Arabica beans that delivers an assortment of flavors to their clients, they give their clients better alternatives and a chance to their common site administrators commissions on its deals through its Mystic Monk Coffee Affiliate Program that set web pennant advertisements and text promotions on taking an interest sites and give them 18% commission. Taking everything into account their assets and plans not just empower them to make and convey the worth that their clients merit yet it is likewise a methods for the Carmelites to help their locale and their causes from the outside world. 5. Does the procedure qualify as a triumphant system? Why or why not? The procedure can't be considered as a triumphant system. The espresso business has been developing for as long as seven years, and with Mystic Monk’s comparableâ prices of espresso sacks to the retail costs, Mystic Monk’s espresso can exploit this situation to procure more benefits to have the option to grow their market and at last their business and secure the land. Spiritualist Monk additionally utilized a minimal effort publicizing procedure where their espressos advanced through verbal exchange among their devoted clients and Catholic supporters and the utilization of their site, anyway they are just catching the Catholic populace. With their arranged procurement of a roaster with a bigger limit, Mystic Monk will have the option to create more espresso once request later on increments, henceforth the requirement for a progressively effective market infiltration. 6. What proposals would you make to Father Daniel Mary as far as creating and executing procedure for the monastery’s espresso tasks? Are changed required its drawn out way? its destinations? its methodology? its way to deal with system execution? Clarify. We prescribe Father Daniel Mary to extend the span of their item. Aside from their forceful on the web, phone , church and neighborhood café deals, they should exploit providing the espresso to eateries, shopping centers, grocery stores and bazaars. They could likewise set up a store in the cloister where individuals regularly proceed to can promptly buy the espresso. Taking into account that the Catholic populace is the biggest in the US, they can build up a gathering of individuals who are happy to chip in and sell the espresso over the US. Through this, their conviction is shared to the volunteers. Additionally, since it was referenced that a large portion of their time is spent on supplication or morning and Vesper administrations which confines the creation time, they can enlist help and furthermore veil for volunteers who can swap them during these occasions for a progressively effective creation of espresso.

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Organization Efficient WorkCultural Review SAMSUNG †Free Samples

Question: Examine about the Organization Cultural Review SAMSUNG. Answer: Presentation The hierarchical improvement had seen the huge possibility of the execution of the viable and productive work culture for the activities in a specific area (Samsung.com. 2013). There are numerous associations having worldwide presence and their tasks, capacities and different possibilities are distinctive in various areas. The accompanying report had been created for framing the investigation of the social variety in a worldwide association. Samsung has been chosen for shaping the correlation of social variety in the association at their home state and that of Australia. Samsung is a Korean organization and it had spread everywhere throughout the world including Australia. Correlation of the working society of Samsung The working society of Samsung in Korea and Australia have been looked at in the accompanying segment, In Korea (home nation): According to Soh, Kim and Whang (2014), the working society of Samsung fluctuates area savvy and their methodologies have been changing as well. The working society of Samsung in South Korea frames a parity of the work and life among the representatives. The hypothesis of shrewd working is carried on by the creating activity of the association. Samsung had accomplished adaptable working society for the improvement of the undertaking tasks and arrangement of successful and keen working society in the association. The support of the learning and advancement had been to a great extent actuated in the working society of Australia in their nation of origin, Korea. In Australia: On the other hand Lee, Kim and Park (2015) have brought up that the tasks of Samsung in Australia had been concentrating on advancement of the activities and capacities. The enthusiastic tackling of innovation and force had been the crude thought process of the working society of Samsung in Australia. The working society of Samsung is building up the inventiveness, strengthening, and mental fortitude of their representatives. They have been shaping new extension in the improvement of the training and giving more chances to the individuals. Looking at Corporate Social Responsibility of Samsung The corporate social obligation of Samsung in Korea and Australia have been thought about in the accompanying area, In Korea (home nation): Kim et al. (2016) have expressed that the corporate social obligation of Samsung in Korea centers around People, Society, and Environment. The association had been creating procedures in agreement to the clients, human rights and law consistence. The gracefully chain the executives, corporate citizenship, and advancement had been trailed by Samsung for building up their tasks in Korea. The Environmental elements like Green arrangement, eco inviting items, and EHS the executives had been to a great extent followed by Samsung for building up their methodologies and tasks. The organization had been concentrating on the word related improvement of the activities for the clients and arrangement of natural well disposed tasks for the assembling and advancement (Rani et al. 2016). The attention on the individuals, society, and condition for the improvement of the tasks of the association would be profoundly evolved as far as the corporate social duty. In Australia: The corporate social duty of Samsung in Australia had been to a great extent affected by the People, Knowledge, and Power (Piao and Kleiner 2015). The individuals of Samsung have been effectively taking parts in the different exercises of the network for social arousing. They have been affecting young people and furnishing them with powerful and savvy usefulness of the activities. The consolation to the individuals had been viable for framing the help to the tasks of the association. The information advancement and advancement had been effective for the improvement of the imaginative and creative deduction in the association (Rani et al. 2016). The hierarchical strengthening of the tasks had been shaped for the consideration of the operational exercises. The Samsung had been profoundly intellectual for the arrangement of the successful and savvy operational exercises of the improvement plan. Upper hand of Samsung Samsung had been utilizing the upper hand for expanding the offer of its items. The advancement of the corporate tasks had been pervasive for the improvement of the upper hands of Samsung in contrast with other organization and associations. The upper hands of Samsung in Korea and Australia have been thought about in the accompanying segment, In Korea (home nation): The Samsung being the home organization gets the advantage of influence of the individuals towards picking the brand (Samsung.com. 2013). The individuals of Korea had been to a great extent implanting the utilization Samsung gadgets for their operational turn of events and useful improvement of the activities. Different components of upper hand for the Samsung are the presentation of the shrewd android gadgets for the clients to get the advantage of activity. The improvement of the tasks would be useful for the advancement of the client improvement probabilities. In Australia: The efficient advancement of the organization and picking up of worldwide acknowledgment would be useful for the development of fame among the individuals of the Australia (Samsung au. 2017). The acquisition of the tasks had aided the arrangement of consistence of activity in the tasks. The consolation to the individuals had been powerful for shaping the help to the activities of the association. The hierarchical strengthening of the tasks had been framed for the incorporation of the operational exercises. End The report had been made for framing the investigation of the examination of the correlation of social variety in the association at their home state and that of Australia. The working society of Samsung incorporates the equalization of the work and life, savvy working, adaptable working society, and learning and advancement for their nation of origin while the way of life has enthusiastic outfitting of innovation and force, improvement of the activities and capacities, and imagination, strengthening, and fearlessness in Australia. The corporate social obligation of Samsung had been concentrating on individuals, society, and condition in their nation of origin and individuals, information, and force for Australia. The upper hand of Samsung in Korea is the dedication of individuals and home ground and the worldwide acknowledgment of the brand on the planet. References Kim, S., Lee, H., Kwon, Y., Yu, M. furthermore, Jo, H., 2016, December. Our Journey to Becoming Agile: Experiences with Agile Transformation in Samsung Electronics. InSoftware Engineering Conference (APSEC), 2016 23rd Asia-Pacific(pp. 377-380). IEEE. Lee, S.J., Kim, J. furthermore, Park, B.I., 2015. Culture conflicts in cross-fringe mergers and acquisitions: A contextual investigation of Sweden's Volvo and South Korea's Samsung.International Business Review,24(4), pp.580-593. Piao, M. furthermore, Kleiner, B., 2015. Greatness in the Electronics Industry: The Comparison of the Organizational Culture among Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics and Google Inc.Conflict Resolution Negotiation Journal,2015(1). Rani, H.M.N.S., Zuber, F., Yusoof, M.S., Zamziba, M.N. furthermore, Toriry, S.A., 2016. Overseeing Cross-Cultural Environment in Samsung Company: Strategy in Global Business.International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences,6(11), pp.605-613. Samsung au. (2017).Corporate Citizenship Movie View | Corporate Citizenship | Samsung Electronics | About Us. [online] Available at: https://www.samsung.com/au/aboutsamsung/samsungelectronics/corporatecitizenship/communityandculture/[Accessed 2 May 2017]. Samsung.com. (2013). [online] Sustainability Report 2012. Accessible at: https://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsung/supportability/individuals/download/Samsung_sr_2012_Creative_Organizational_Culture.pdf [Accessed 2 May 2017]. Samsung.com. (2017).Sustainability | About SAMSUNG Electronics | About SAMSUNG | SAMSUNG. [online] Available at: https://www.samsung.com/us/aboutsamsung/supportability/sustainablemanagement/[Accessed 2 May 2017]. Soh, C., Kim, H.J. furthermore, Whang, T., 2014. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Implementation in South Korea: Lessons from American and British CSR Policies.Journal of International and Area Studies, pp.99-118.

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What Has Been The Impact Of Neo-liberalism On Employment Relations In

What Has Been The Impact Of Neo-liberalism On Employment Relations In What Has Been The Impact Of Neo-liberalism On Employment Relations In Australia Since 1990s â€" Essay Example > What Has Been the Impact of Neo-Liberalism on Employment Relations in Australia Since 1990s? Neo-liberalism has been defined as a set of economic policies whereby the control of economic factors has moved from the public sector and is now in the private sector. It is described as an economics and social studies approach that is based on the neoclassical theories of economics. Neo-liberalism can be explained as an approach to economics that emphasizes on relatively open markets, liberalized trade activities and the efficiency of the private sector enterprises (Plant 2009). Neo-liberalism seeks to promote how the private sector determines the economic and political priorities of a country. The principles proposed by neo-liberalism seek to promote a free market (laissez-faire) environment so as to encourage economic development. Neo-liberalism is concerned with pushing the government to make certain changes to the economic environment so as to promote fairness and ensure steady econo mic growth. Some of these changes include: limiting protectionism so as to open up markets to trade, support deregulation, limiting subsidies, broadening tax base by reforming tax laws, privatizing state-run corporations, reducing deficit spending, allowing private property and removing fixed exchange rates (Bell 2006). Employment relations can be explained as the body of work or practice that is concerned with maintaining useful relationships between the employer and the employers. Employment relations is concerned with promoting meaningful employee-employer relationships that are pertinent to productivity, morale and motivation. In essence, employment relations seeks to prevent and resolve problems that involve individuals at work and which can arise out of work situations or affect work situations. It resolves conflicts. Some of the main actors in employment relations include employees, employers, trade unions and the government (Bray 2009). Australia has experienced changes pol itically, economically and socially over the years. Politically, before the 1788, the shape of Australia has not always been what it is today. It was part of a great land known as Gondwanaland. It slowly drifted away and traces of civilization began to be seen with the Aborigines. Australian Aborigine culture slowly developed. Politics in Australia began when the British came to colonize the country from 1788-1900. Between 1901 and 2000, Australia experienced the post federation period. The political framework has since changed. Politics within Australia is today guided by a framework of parliamentary democracy. The electoral procedures have also changed to suit a two party system. This means that Australia is today governed as a constitutional monarchy and as a federation. Parliamentarians in Australia are elected into parliament by the citizens. Australia has six states and two major territories which hold elections after every four years. There are both major and minor politica l parties in Australia. Most recent political changes have seen women take up high political positions such as the current Prime Minister, Julia Gillard (Bell 2007). Socially, life in Australia has also experienced a lot of changes in the remote areas, the city, the suburbs and the regional towns. Social change has been brought by the government, social expectations, globalization and businesses. Statistics presented by the 2001 census report of Australia show that there have been many social and family life changes over the past few decades. There are very few people getting into formal marriages and the number of people divorcing has sky rocketed. Childlessness has greatly increased and more people are living alone than ever before. People are increasingly delaying marriage while others are not marrying at all. Divorce rates have hit a historical high. The average household capacity in Australia has shrunk drastically. Households are dominated by single parents, people living al one and childless couples. The proportion of women who have never had children has also increased to the highest levels since the 1930s. Critics have blamed moral decay and ‘selfishness’ for the declining birth rates and marriages and the increasing divorce rates (Plant 2009).

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Online Accounting Essay - 733 Words

Why Online Accounting Services Useful for Startups and SMEs When a business had a need to have the best business status, it requires making appropriate catalogs of about the taxation. When the business hasnt kept up literature right from the main day, it might have made loads of issues in future. In laymen conditions, accounting is the design and the exploration of recording each of the exchanges of business in per suggested position. This is why it is especially imperative for the SME business proprietors, as it can help them understand where they are really turning out terribly. When youll require your business to build up and get a few advantages from it, you have to understand the numbers. Maintaining legitimate literature of†¦show more content†¦Major Advantages Have you considered enlisting aid from an online accounting service? †¢ The Online Accounting Services for Small Business save your valuable business money. Free of high overhead and travel costs, online distributors can provide a far more competitive price. †¢ Online accounting services save your valuable business time. By firmly taking benefit of the moment communication via the web, services are provided quickly and effectively, with higher opportunities and options for creative alternatives. †¢ Online accounting services offer you a broader collection of consultants to choose from. You are no more limited by consultants in their own geographic area. You are able to choose the advisor that best matches your needs, no matter where they can be found. †¢ Online accounting services can help you are feeling better about your financial information. The security protocols employed by major technology providers such as Intuit (designers of QuickBooks Online) are powerful and highly superior. Online storage area and a copy of digital information are often safer than storage area and a copy of paper documents that can be destroyed by flames and overflow or stolen. †¢ Online accounting services decrease the overall quantity and amount of physical newspaper files you suffer from. Financial files are stored on a remote control server. The critical data is exchanged in digital format, with a strongly safeguarded and encrypted document transferShow MoreRelatedEssay about Acct-212 Midterm Study Guide1080 Words   |  5 PagesACCT212 - Financial Accounting Midterm Exam Study Guide YOU MAY WANT TO PRINT THIS GUIDE. 1. The Midterm Exam is open book, open notes. The maximum time you can spend in the exam is 3 hours, 30 minutes. If you have not clicked the Submit For Grade button by then, you will be automatically exited from the exam. In the Midterm Exam environment, the Windows clipboard is disabled, so you will not be able to copy exam questions or answers to or from other applications. 2. You should click the SaveRead MoreAccounting Information System Security1574 Words   |  7 Pagesthe society has become progressively dependent on networks for business, the management of company’s information online has developed into an issue to be concerned. AIS, which is short for Accounting Information System, is not merely related to accounting information management as the business develops around the world. In the various explanations of AIS in the Lecture 1, p12130 Accounting Information System, presented at the University of Nottingham Ningbo by Trevor Bayley, Vaassen (2002) defined AISRead MoreFinancial Management Coursework1694 Words   |  7 PagesCoursework Header Sheet 198495-125 Course FINA1032: Foundations Scholarship (ACC) Course School/Level BU/PG Coursework Essay Assessment Weight 30.00% Tutor J Molyn, V Chinthalapati, P Ntozi-Obwale Submission Deadline 03/12/2012 ________________________________________ Coursework is receipted on the understanding that it is the student s own work and that it has not, in whole or part, been presented elsewhere for assessment. Where material has been used from otherRead MoreAccounting and Financial Statements Essay example1585 Words   |  7 PagesIn this essay I am going to explain and identify external users of accounting information and give detail on the main characteristics and how these characteristics and the conceptual framework develop the benefits of financial statements for external users. Financial accounting includes information distributed to external users that are not part of the enterprise, e.g. stockholders, creditors, customers and suppliers, although the information is also of interest to the companys officers and managersRead MoreInternational Standard On Auditing Standards1745 Words   |  7 Pages There is generally quite wide acceptance that convergence in accounting and auditing standards is desirable. In this essay, I am going to evaluate the challenge of convergence, why it is necessary and the benefit it brings back for an economy. 1. Background International Standard on Auditing (ISAs) is defined as â€Å"professional standards that deal with the independent auditor’s responsibilities when conducting an audit of financial statements†. All these standards are issued by InternationalRead MoreThe Relationship Between Ias 37 And Principle Of Accounting Prudence1188 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction IAS 37 is about the accounting for provisions, contingent liabilities and contingent assets. The use of this standard is inseparable from the principle of accounting prudence, however, some comments indicated that IAS 37 has undermined this principle and resulting in considerable volatility in the earning reports. This essay aims to explore the standard and discuss the relationship between IAS 37 and principle of accounting prudence and show my opinion of the comments above. Main BodyRead MoreRyanair Plc : A British Airline And Will Provide A Brief Summary About The Company1636 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction: This essay is about Easyjet Plc which is a British airline and will provide a brief summary about the company. It will make arguments on how Management Accounting information could aid the managers of the business, evaluating how Budgeting, Variance Analysis and Activity Based could be utilized within the company and will provide ways in which the managers could keep in mind to make recommendations and decisions. EasyJet Plc: EasyJet Plc founded in 1995 by a Greek Cypriot businessmanRead MoreA Brief Note On The Association Of Chartered Accountants1414 Words   |  6 Pagessuccess of career in accountancy. By being qualified, students might be recognised and obtained more global opportunities in business career in such a competitive accounting industry. ACCA and CIMA are two standout accounting bodies which award people those qualifications. ACCA and CIMA have their own policies and operation systems. This essay will evaluate critically those together with comparing ACCA and CIMA in order to have deeper understanding about these institutes and make relevant decisions forRead MoreHarvard Referencing Guide1476 Words   |  6 PagesHarvard System Referencing Guide 1. INTRODUCTION This guide sets out the Harvard system of referencing to be used in the Thesis and other major essays submitted as part of the course taught through out the MBA program. It is important to reference published material that you wish to use in your essay. While referencing is a standard that is used to avoid plagiarism it also supports a strong scientific method. To build arguments and provide evidence you must reference any published resourcesRead MoreEthics And Ethics Of Business Ethics1624 Words   |  7 PagesHouston-based commodities energy and service corporation kept huge debts off the balance sheets. This resulted in shareholders losing $74 billion, thousands of employees and investors losing their retirement accounts and many employees lost their jobs (Accounting-Degree.org, 2015). Crane and Matten (2010) argue â€Å"After all, despite many years of business ethics being researched and taught in colleges and universities, ethics problems persist and the public remains sceptical of the ethics of business†. The

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Public Schools vs. Private Schools - 1027 Words

Everyone wants to provide their children with the best possible education. That being said there are things to consider before choosing to send your child to a public school or private school. Perhaps doing so would be much easier if you would take the time to research the differences between the two. Public schools are better than private schools because of the diversity, funding and extracurricular activities available. Eileen Gale Kugler, a national advocate for diverse schools, wrote an article about how the diversity in schools makes academic and social improvements. She recalls a memory about a meeting she had. â€Å"Parents of fourth and fifth graders were already putting up moving signs on their front yards rather than risk sending their children to a high school that was not majority white. In an effort to debunk the myths, parent leaders from the high school organized meetings in the local elementary and middle schools, bringing students, parents, and faculty from the high school to give testimony to the positive academic and social environment. As the meeting opened to questions, a longtime real estate agent from the neighborhood stood up. His own children had attended Annandale High 15 years earlier, when it was virtually all white. He wasn’t quite sure how he felt about the changes in the surrounding community, which now included an array of immigrants from every continent.  "So, what you are telling me is that you are taking lemons and making lemonade,† he said.Show MoreRelatedPrivate Schools Vs. Public Schools1406 Words   |  6 Pagesthat private school is more expensive than public school, but has it ever occurred to you why it is like this? Private schools are not just trying to take your money, they are just trying to provide a quality education, without the government funding that public schools get. The tuition money goes to very important things; high quality teachers, better resources and the overall quality and stability of the institution. It is true that private school tuition is expensive, but private schools haveRead MorePrivate Schools Vs Public Schools1723 Words   |  7 Pagesthink of private schools they often think of a quality of education that cannot be found in a public school. Private school education is thought of to be so thorough and innovative that public vouchers are given to individuals just to attend. Many parents could rest easier at night if their kids could attend private school because for generations it has been drilled into the psyche of many that going to private school is a sure way to have a good future. In actuality however, private schools are notRead MorePrivate Schools Vs Public Schools1428 Words   |  6 Pagesstudy in private schools, which almost represents the fifth of students in Saudi Arabia. Although a lot of families prefer to make their children study in private school, that does not mean they are completely satisfied about the schools’ quality and their children’ achievement (Al-Hagbani, 2013). Nevertheless, they still enroll their children in private schools, believing they will benefit more from studying in private schools than public schools. In addition, some parents believe that private schoolsRead MorePrivate Schools Vs Public Schools1207 Words   |  5 PagesAn Introduction of the Topic Private schools differ from public schools for many different reasons. The major difference is that the government, unlike private schools that are privately funded, funds public schools. Another difference would be that the private schools have more flexibility on what they can teach because the government does not fund them. One other difference that is very prevalent is the social goals of schooling. This topic is a very important issue that many parents struggle withRead MorePrivate Schools Vs. Public Schools998 Words   |  4 Pagesnation. People today might say that private schools are superior to public schools, saying that they are safer and a better environment to learn in. Some might say that a private school is a way of sheltering your child and not letting them experience opportunities and face many problems to learn from. There are many positives and negatives to both sides; it mainly depends on whom you are talking to. Some parents might want their child to go to a pri vate school because the class size is smaller andRead More Private Schools vs. Public Schools870 Words   |  4 PagesChoosing between a public or a private school for one’s education is as important as deciding where to invest one’s hard-earned money—the consequences influence one’s life forever. In the United States, it is the law for every child to be educated. However, the decision as to where to go for one’s education is up to each individual. There is a great deal of debate as to which is the better option: for-profit private schools or one’s local public school. Ultimately, the decision is made regardingRead MorePrivate Schools vs. Public Schools 1081 Words   |  5 PagesHave you ever attended a private institution? What was your experience like? Think back and compare it to your ideal public school, which one happens to pale in comparison? Public schools, which are controlled by the government, and heavily influenced, by politic ians and privateers, hurt your children, not allowing them to reap the full benefits of their growing mind. â€Å"Our schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education from happening. The average American [should be] contentRead MorePrivate School Vs. Public School1254 Words   |  6 PagesThesis: Private school students are more likely to have a better viewpoint in learning, a firm stance in education, and will be more successful in colleges than of public school students. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: According to NCES data, 88 percent of private high school students apply to college, compared to 57 percent of public high school students. Every day parents contemplate whether to send their children to private or public school. There are many dangers that come with public schoolRead MorePrivate Schools Vs Public Schools921 Words   |  4 Pageschild’s education, parents want the best the school has to offer their children. Parents want a prosperous future for their child which is not only health, but a well-educated one. Education is of the utmost importance especially because it will impact the child the most in the long run. Private schools offer ample education opportunities. There are some factors to consider when choose a private school education over a public one. Many times, the private schools are religious are having certain beliefsRead MorePublic Schools Vs. Private Schools1638 Words   |  7 Pageshaving children many parents question which school system is better suited for their kids and which aspect is more important, convenience or quality education? Some people believe the public schools provide the same education but at a lower cost. Tooley, Dixon, and Gomathi state â€Å"many assume that private education is concerned only with serving the privileged, so is irrelevant to concerns about extending access to the poor.† Although there are some private schools that are expensive, most are affordable

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Eight O’ Clock Free Essays

Eight O’Clock What happens when the church bell tolls your final hour? Does your party dress turn to rags and your beautiful carriage revert back into a pumpkin? What do you do when your last sixty minutes are up? Many people pray to their God for salvation, and many others wish to go back and correct the wrongs in their lives. Many, though, await death’s embrace by cursing fate and dreading their moment of death, just as the man in A. E. We will write a custom essay sample on Eight O’ Clock or any similar topic only for you Order Now Housman’s poem, â€Å"Eight O’Clock† does. The man in the poem is on death’s row and, rather than repenting and hoping for forgiveness from on high he laments his fate and angrily awaits his doom. It is apparent that the man awaits death because he is â€Å"strapped, noosed, [and] nighing his house. † To be strapped means that there is no way out, presumably from his situation, and he most certainly is for his situation is quite dire, and at this point he has no real chance of survival. To be noosed means one has a noose – a rope for hanging – tied around one’s neck so that he may be hanged which only adds to the fact that he’s certainly strapped. To nigh one’s hour means to near it, and the man must be nearing his final hour for he is certainly ready for his hanging and he continues to count down until his doom. Time is emphasized several times in the poem, showing just how close to death the man is. â€Å"[He] heard the steeple sprinkle the quarters on the morning town,† which is to say, he heard the bell toll each quarter of an hour as though it were raining down upon him just to mock him. The man counted them one-by-one until, on the final ring before he met his fate, â€Å"the clock collected in the tower its strength, and struck†. The clock’s strength refers most probably to how heavily it must ring. To the man, on that final quarter hour toll, it must have sounded as heavily as he had ever heard it. For, truly, it would be the last time he ever heard it. Rather than accepting his fate, the man sits and curses it instead. To accept what is happening to him would be to admit that what he did to deserve his fate was wrong, that he was truly guilty of sin. To feel that guilt, to repent for what he had done, would be to ask forgiveness, which in all rights is the smarter path to follow. Yet, for some reason, the man asks not for forgiveness, but for the wrath of God. The man does this because it is most likely he has committed no actual crime, his fate is not deserving of the punishment bestowed upon him. He has either been framed, or the punishment placed upon him much more severe than his transgression would merit, why else would he not ask forgiveness for what he had done? It is easy to curse one’s fate. It is easy to blame others for what has occurred. It is easier, still, to believe oneself innocent even when he is not. It is not easy, however, to stand and wait for death to arrive knowing that the path one chose should not have lead them there, that he should not be on his way out. How to cite Eight O’ Clock, Papers

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Food Processing And Preservation Essay Example For Students

Food Processing And Preservation Essay Throughout the history of mankind science has searched into the realms of the unknown. Along with it bringing new discoveries, allowing for our lives to become healthier, more efficient, safer, and at the same time, possibly more dangerous. Among the forces driving scientists into these many experiments, is the desire to preserve the one fuel that keeps our lives going; FOOD. As early as the beginning of the 19th century, major breakthroughs in food preservation had begun. Soldiers and seamen, fighting in Napoleons army were living off of salt-preserved meats. These poorly cured foods provided minimal nutritional value, and frequent outbreaks of scurvy were developing. It was Napoleon who began the search for a better mechanism of food preservation, and it was he who offered 12,000-franc pieces to the person who devised a safe and dependable food-preservation process. The winner was a French chemist named Nicolas Appert. He observed that food heated in sealed containers was preserved as long as the container remained unopened or the seal did not leak. This became the turning point in food preservation history. Fifty years following the discovery by Nicolas Appert, another breakthrough had developed. Another Frenchman, named Louis Pasteur, noted the relationship between microorganisms and food spoilage. This breakthrough increased the dependability of the food canning process. As the years passed new techniques assuring food preservation would come and go, opening new doors to further research.FOOD PROCESSINGFarmers grow fruits and vegetables and fatten livestock. The fruits and vegetables are harvested, and the livestock is slaughtered for food. What happens between the time food leaves the farm and the time it is eaten at the table? Like all living things, the plants and animals that become food contain tiny organisms called microorganisms. Living, healthy plants and animals automatically control most of these microorganisms. But when the plants and animals are killed, the organisms yeast, mold, and bacteria begin to multiply, causing the food to lose flavor and change in color and texture. Just as important, food loses the nutrients that are necessary to build and replenish human bodies. All these changes in the food are what people refer to as food spoilage. To keep the food from spoiling, usually in only a few days, it is preserved. Many kinds of agents are potentially destructive to the healthful characteristics of fresh foods. Microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, rapidly spoil food. Enzymes which are present in all raw food, promote degradation and chemical changes affecting especially texture and flavor. Atmospheric oxygen may react with food constituents, causing rancidity or color changes. Equally as harmful are infestations by insects and rodents, which account for tremendous losses in food stocks. There is no single method of food preservation that provides protection against all hazards for an unlimited period of time. Canned food stored in Antarctica near the South Pole, for example, remained edible after 50 years of storage, but such long-term preservation cannot be duplicated in the hot climate of the Tropics.Raw fruits and vegetables and uncooked meat are preserved by cold storage or refrigeration. The cold temperature inside the cold-storage compartment or refrigerator slows down the microorganisms and delays deterioration. But cold storage and refrigeration will preserve raw foods for a few weeks at most. If foods are to be preserved for longer periods, they must undergo special treatments such as freezing or heating. The science of preserving foods for more than a few days is called food processing.Human beings have always taken some measures to preserve food. Ancient people learned to leave meat and fruits and vegetables in the sun and wind to remove moisture. Since microorganisms need water to grow, drying the food slows the rate at which it spoils. Today food processors provide a diet richer and more varied than ever before by using six major methods. 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Most commercial canning operations are based on the principle that bacteria destruction increases tenfold